March 26th 2014 | Canary Wharf, London

About the event

We learn more from success than from failure.

Successful Projects in Government brought together senior colleagues from across government agencies responsible for delivering challenging projects.

It demonstrated the success of the numerous government projects that are delivered on time, on budget and effectively meet their aims.

Success needs to be more visible. Projects that are innovative, are cross-cutting and exceed expectations should not go unrecognised. By identifying and understanding these exemplary projects we can develop a ‘winning formula’ enabling us to better manage and deliver in the future.

Major projects are not easy whether they are delivered in the public or private sector. In addition to the sheer scale of the task, all projects face roadblocks along the way and have to overcome critical points if they are to succeed. We should recognise best practice, share our experiences and build on our achievements.

This energetic agenda was designed to draw on experience and facilitate engagement and the sharing of ideas through practical and interactive sessions in which a wide range of successful projects were showcased. We had a panel of top speakers and attendees had the opportunity to debate the key challenges with them.

Successful Projects in Government was hosted by the Major Projects Authority, supported by EY (formerly Ernst & Young) and the NDA.

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